Sacred Seekers Circle

Get monthly support for less than your monthly coffee budget.
Text & voice Messaging

Weekly Spiritual Support

Here When YOU Need Support

Grab a spot in my monthly meeting for emotional support and community.


Join my monthly meeting for all beings who wish to find a sense of community and support, in a place where they can speak freely without judgment and speak their truth!

Join Us!

The Sacred Seekers Circle is for you if you answer yes to these questions:

Do you feel alone in your mission on Earth?

Do you find it difficult to share your awakening with friends or family?

Do you want to feel supported and connect with others in a safe space?

During this gathering, you can expect to:

  • Receive group activations, healings or meditations
  • Connect with other heart-centered light beings and Starseeds
  • Participate in a sacred container where you will feel seen and heard
  • Speak freely about the woo-woo topics you can’t share with others
  • Feel less lonely and more connected
  • Find a sense of community and anchor your sense of belonging
  • Join our private Telegram group chat where we continue the conversations

When: First Wednesday of each month, at 1:00 pm., PDT Time

Where: We meet on Zoom

Support when you need it

Weekly Text Messaging Spiritual Support

Get 1:1 advice, spiritual counseling support, or heart-centered listening on an ongoing basis via text messaging and voice messages.


Weekly Text Messaging Support Includes:

1. Daily Spiritual Support
Ask questions about your spiritual awakening symptoms, ascension symptoms, discernment, dreams, otherworldly experiences, recommendations, alternative health & wellness advice, and more. Intuitive dowsing questions are also included per day.

2. Time Included
Have daily access to me for up to 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week (75 mins. per week)

3. Telegram Text or Voice:
In Telegram, we can send text messages, voice recordings, video recordings, pictures, links, and more. The Telegram app uses double encrypted security standards, so our conversations will be ultra-secure.

Get spiritual support when you need it!

Complimentary Discovery

Let's Talk

Are you interested in energy healing? Have you recently awakened to your soul's mission? Do you feel a calling toward your life's path? Are you ready to let go of old trauma and limiting beliefs?

It is part of my soul's mission to help humanity ascend, awaken and evolve to our next greatest iteration.

Let’s work together and call in your divine alignment!

Book a complimentary discovery call today, and let's see how I can help.


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