Super Flower Blood Full Moon Meditation


Super Flower Full Moon in Sagittarius

Cheri & Viviane share a meditation on the Super Flower Blood Full Moon, May 25th, 2021.

The Sagittarius super blood full moon doubles as a lunar eclipse, making it extremely potent. There is a lot of energy exuding from this luminary that radiates an orange tinge, resulting from the karmic energies of the Lunar Nodes of Destiny, which are setting off the energies.

This eclipse falls very close to the nodal degrees that are being aspected, making it a fated time to release and end situations. Being that the moon is in fiery Sagittarius, it’s a guarantee that emotions will be burning hot and extremely heavy, as we move on from toxic situations that limit our autonomy or personal freedom.

Jupiter—the ruling planet of this moon—is newly in Pisces, which will add more sentimentality to the cosmic soup than expected. This will create emotional highs and lows, combined with certainty and intuition as we move forward in different aspects of our personal lives. This supermoon doesn’t extend dramatic or tumultuous vibes. In fact, it will be an action-packed day filled with positivity and happiness. Optimism will be at a high as we release the old, which will be brought to us by Mercury retrograde (which commences three days later in Gemini). Move onward and forward to the next adventure!




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