What Does it Mean to Awaken?

Here are My 5 Steps of Awakening

With all of the talk about how many people are ‘waking up’ right now, I felt called to touch on this subject and to break it down into 5 steps of the awakening process for those who may be new to this topic, or who are newly awakened.

If you keep hearing about this topic, and are asking yourself, “What is everyone talking about?” What is woke, awake, or awakened?”, then this article is for you. Please share it with anyone you know who may be new to this topic, it could help them process their feelings.

Coming from my own experiences, I’ve broken it down into 5 steps: 1. The Trigger, 2. Going Down the Rabbit Hole, 3. Acceptance, 4. The Calling, and 5. Perseverance & Ascension.

1. The Trigger

The trigger is something that you see, hear or experience that shocks you out of your current reality or your “slumber”; and/or it could be a series of events, usually something that you would consider to be unbelievable.

For example, my trigger was when one of my good friends shared with me her experiences of receiving alien implants in her body, and how she had met others with implants in the same place as hers, her lower back.

Her story was so specific, detailed, and emotionally honest, I thought to myself, ‘Why would she be lying or making this up?’ But, it was not easy for me to accept, at first.

Trying to accept this story as truth shook me out of the ridicule program that aliens are not real. The ridicule program ensures that if you believe aliens are real, you are ridiculous and no one will take you seriously, and you might even be committed into a mental health institution. We’ve all been exposed to this program, and many people are still under its influence.

2. Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Once your trigger has been activated commonly the next step is you go down the rabbit hole or you go into research mode. This is the phase where you begin to ask friends or family their beliefs or experiences comparing notes with other people. Consuming hours and hours of YouTube videos and Internet research on whatever topic caused your trigger.

Many of these topics include the existence of life on other planets, UFOs, Angels are real, ghosts are real, The 3D Matrix, split timelines, corrupted government systems, the Illuminati, the Reptilians, loosh, understanding that we live on a prison planet, and that our government does not have our best interest in mind. Once you understand that the news media is a fear mongering program designed to keep us in fear 24/7, hopefully you begin to ask yourself why? These are just a few examples of topics that could trigger your awakening, and begin your journey down the rabbit hole, Alice.

3. Acceptance

At first you will be skeptical and you will try to find stories or other peoples experiences who try to disprove or debunk these topics, but eventually you’ll find more information to the contrary and you’ll find many others corroborating the reality of these topics to be true. This is when you enter the acceptance phase.

You are not alone. You are not crazy. You want to believe.

You will start to accept this new reality/truth as your own truth and this is an important phase in your awakening process.

4. The Calling

Now that you’ve passed the acceptance phase, you may feel called to share your new truths. You’ve awakened to this new reality and everyone else needs to know it too (if your throat chakra is open). You may feel like a truth seeker from here on out or you may suffer in silence afraid others will think you’re crazy, still. You might be frozen in fear of judgment and criticisms from others or you may feel compelled to scream it from the mountain tops to anyone who will listen. There is no right or wrong choice in what you do with your new information. Each person is different and has to weigh coming out of the proverbial closet with what is at stake for them. It could be your career, your job, your sanity, your respect from others, your family disowning you, and even your marriage or relationships. Please choose your path wisely, but more often than not, it will be chosen for you and shown to you shortly thereafter.

5. Perseverance & Ascension

Perseverance defined: Noun. Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose; steadfastness.

As you continue to do more research and lean into your awakening, you continue finding new truths and hidden lies that we’ve been subjected to. The new truths are all around you and you can’t believe how naïve you’ve been in your slumber. Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you go, you may feel angry, shocked, deceived, sadness, sorrowful and motivated to change. You will likely find your path and soul’s new purpose as you uncover and feel all of these emotions. You find your tribe of other awakened souls and you form bonds over these new realities and beliefs and you move through the world a changed person sharing with anyone who will listen.

Remaining steadfast on your new ascension timeline is key. This awakening is part of your Ascension! What is Ascension? Well, its your evolution. It’s your participation in humanity’s evolution. Ascension literally means going up or rising up. As we awaken, open our minds to new truths and realities, we evolve as a species. We can stay in the dark so to speak, and remain in the 3D matrix timeline of Earth, or we can awaken to the 5D organic timeline which will usher in humanity’s Ascension.

This feels like the birthing of my next article, but for now if you want to learn more on Humanity’s Ascension, please considering watching my YouTube channel, The Ascension Sessions to learn more and to hear from a variety of spiritual leaders speaking on the topic of Ascension. If you feel called, please subscribe and stay tuned for more content like this coming soon. Thanks for reading!

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